HLF cite Southwold Museum's interpretive success

Southwold InteractiveWe’re really proud to see our work with Southwold Museum on the HLF website, have a look at http://www.hlf.org.uk/grantholders/heritagefocus/interpretation/Pages/TellingtalesinSouthwold.aspx

The Children's Air Ambulance

Children's Air AmbulanceWe’re absolutely delighted that we will be supporting the campaign for The Children’s Air Ambulance at their up and coming fund raising events. Wide Sky will be providing a photo experience at a number of events. The first of which will be on March 23rd at 12:30. Dancer extraordinaire Anton Du Beke will be having lunch with 100 lucky supporters of The Children’s Air Ambulance at the Ruddington Cottage Hotel.