Cadw, Caerphilly Castle Great Hall Fireplace Interpretation

We’ve recently installed an ‘interpretive fireplace’ in the Great Hall at Caerphilly Castle. The audiovisual recreates the focal point of the hall, spreading light, life, stories and some even say warmth into the hall! The exhibit uses our bespoke expansion mount system, meaning no permanent fixing is required into the fabric of the building – a monument that is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Medieval castle building.

Cadw, Caerphilly Castle Medieval Portcullis Recreation

We’ve recently installed an interactive Medieval portcullis in the Inner East Gatehouse at Caerphilly castle. At a massive 3.5m high it shakes the floor when it drops! It’s a great attraction for visitors both inside and outside as they pass through the archway underneath the gatehouse – it certainly makes for an exciting experience!