Time-lapse photography at St Martin’s Church

The restoration of the wall paintings by mid-20th century artist Evelyn Gibbs  at St Martin’s Church, Bilborough in Nottinghamshire is progressing. We set up two time-lapse cameras to capture the work as it is carried out – here’s a sneak preview…

“Tablet tour” of St Martin’s Church

As part of the Hidden Treasures project at St Martin’s Church, Bilborough, we are developing a “tablet tour” to help visitor explore the history of the church and its role in the community.

As a church that is actively used for worship and for community activities, space for interpretative displays and activities is, by the nature of the building and its use, limited – which makes the use of tablet technology the ideal choice for presenting a lot of information in a handy, compact way.

St Martins church mural 1

An app that can be accessed on one of the project’s tablets can be navigated via a map of the church or a list of points of interest around the building. These points within the church will be tagged with small plaques – simply tap the tablet on the plaque and the app will present information about that feature, its purpose, history and relevance to the community.

The app will access a variety of material – text, graphics, video and audio – which can be kept up-to-date and added to by the client.

Maintaining touchscreens at Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths

We were delighted to be asked by Cadw to help them with four touchscreens at Caerleon that been installed by another developer several years ago and were now not working properly.

Following the site survey a plan of action was agreed and the systems replaced with the latest technology. We were able to recover the software from the original touch screens and re-commission it on the new platforms which also means we have a safely archived set of the software.

Touchscreen technology at Caerleon

Cadw now has a regular maintenance contract in place to reduce the risks of wear and tear eventually causing similar problems in future. We are now providing:

  • Regular site visits to check the equipment.
  • Telephone support.
  • A complete spares package.
  • Software backup and archiving.
  • Emergency call outs and ongoing advice.

Caerleon can now be assured that their touchscreens will continue to work reliably and any unexpected problems that arise will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Interactive touchscreen at Caerleon

Seasonal sales success at The London Bridge Experience

Our new photo system at The London Bridge Experience was installed in time for Halloween, unsurprisingly an important milestone in the year for a scare attraction.

We’re pleased to report that the system ran without a hitch throughout this busy period and just as happy that sales exceeded expectations by a factor of 25%.