New Project Win: Bawdsey Radar Trust

In 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational Radar station in the world, just eighteen months after it had first been established that approaching aircraft could be detected using transmitted radio waves. We’re pleased to be working with PLB on this interesting project.

A new exhibit will enable visitors to have a simulated hands-on experience of using early radar for detection, distance measurement and angle measurement. The interactive exhibit will replicate the original methods and will be based on a radar operator’s desk where the visitor will be challenged to test their skills. They will manipulate range and angle dials to a signal shown on screen, learning the process used to determine the trajectory of aircraft and the skill involved in producing an accurate result.

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New Project Win: Peak District National Park

Peaks gesture wall conceptThis project for the Peak District National Park Authority will see new exhibitions at three of its Visitor Centres at Bakewell, Castleton and Edale, designed to inspire visitors to “get out and explore” whilst gaining a deeper understanding of the National Park. Because each centre is different in design and construction, the client is looking for a flexible way to maintain consistency of branding and experience.

Interpretation will cover:

An overarching key message about the National Park and its special qualities which supports it brand identity. The specific landscape character area and special qualities to enrich the visitor experience of that landscape. What is special about the location, connectivity, places to visit, the detailed interpretation and signposting.

It is important that a thought-provoking and immersive approach builds confidence and motivates people who are not familiar with engaging with the natural environment.

We are looking forward to working creatively on an exhibit that takes a map of the area as a starting point for exploration, interpretation and games.

At the Castleton Visitor Centre, we will also be creating a “gesture wall” for added “wow” factor. This flexible approach allows the use of repeatable core items across locations to be complemented at each site by specific details relating to that location as well as building in the ability to change and adapt content over time.

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