Over the years we have worked on hundreds of diverse projects for a huge variety of customers. Some of organisations we have worked with are shown below. For more details about the projects please click on a title.

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  • Great Nott Wood yew tree

    Great Knott Wood

    Visitors to the wood are greeted by an old yew tree, voiced by Brian Blessed, inviting them to explore the site.

  • University of Essex Sponsor Interactive

    University of Essex

    An interactive system to acknowledge sponsors and donors makes an impact on visitors.

  • Oakham Castle collection highlights

    Oakham Castle

    A digital interactive exhibit and "Design your own horseshoe" game exhibit interpret Oakham Castle's history.

  • Clevedon Pier heyday exhibit 4

    Clevedon Pier

    Nine interactive exhibits explore this Grade I listed pier, the town and the surrounding area.

  • Perception of the Perfect Body interactive exhibit

    Shaping the Body

    Four interactive exhibits use video, audio visual content and quizzes in this thought-provoking exhibit.

  • Tablet explore screen

    Shakespeare’s Schoolroom

    Tablets and touchscreens provide a sympathetic way of interpreting this historic building.

  • Dapdune Wharf Reliance barge

    Dapdune Wharf

    Evocative and atmospheric use of projected imagery and audio in the hold of this Wey barge.

  • Cutty Sark Audiovisual and Interactives

    Cutty Sark Trust

    System specification and interactive exhibits for the temporary exhibition at the Curry Sark.

  • Shrewsbury Flax Mill Maltings Wider Context Exhibit

    Shrewsbury Flax Mill Maltings

    Five interactive exhibits interpret the role of this historic industrial site and the lives of its workers.

  • West Yorkshire Hoard

    West Yorkshire Hoard

    3D modelling enables visitors an up-close view of unique hoard of jewellery and precious items.

  • St Barrwgs Church interactive exhibit

    St Barrwg’s Church

    An interactive touchscreen table explores how the church travels with you throughout life’s journey.

  • Marwell Zoo exhibits

    Marwell Zoo

    CCTV, video, and special lighting effects bring endangered species close to visitors in an immersive experience.

  • Pontypool Townscape educational games

    Pontypool Townscape

    Educational interpretation goes online with this range of interactive games and activities to use in schools.

  • Military Intelligence Museum Special Operations Executive exhibit three panels

    Military Intelligence Museum 2

    Touch sensitive glass creates an interactive interpretation of the history of the Special Operations Executive.

  • Evelyn Gibbs mural restored St Martins

    St Martin’s Church, Bilborough

    A tablet tour and pop-up interactive put interpretation on the move to showcase the community-based restoration.

  • Touchscreen John Masefield

    The Master’s House, Ledbury

    A tablet tour and touchscreens give visitors a choice of exploration possibilities at this medieval building.

  • Castleford Roman messenger game

    Castleford Forum Museum

    Touchscreen technology and an interactive game bring Castleford's wealth of history to life.

  • Chippenham Yelde Hall Object List

    Chippenham Yelde Hall

    CCTV and augmented reality technology increase disabled access for visitors at this Grade I Listed historic house.

  • Military Intelligence Museum images content

    Military Intelligence Museum

    A combination of exhibits and digital interpretation builds the story of military intelligence in WW1 with annual themes.

  • Photo system at The World of Beatrix Potter

    The World of Beatrix Potter

    An interactive photo system designed to increase secondary spend is producing very positive results.

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