Over the years we have worked on hundreds of diverse projects for a huge variety of customers. Some of organisations we have worked with are shown below. For more details about the projects please click on a title.

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  • St. Peter's Church Interactives

    St Peter’s Church

    Views from the Tower explores history from the highest and the oldest developed site in Wolverhampton.

  • Manchester Art Gallery Interactive

    Manchester Art Gallery

    ‘Intelligence Centre’ is designed to elicit personal responses to the theme of conflict and resolution.

  • Tower Bridge Audiovisual

    City of London

    A journey to the Victorian engine rooms and the inner workings of the most famous bridge in the World.

  • Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery Interactives

    Birmingham Museum

    An installation developed with Tate Visual Dialogues for Birmingham Museum Cultural Fusion exhibition.

  • Northampton Shoe Museum Interactive

    Northampton Shoe Museum

    The largest collection of shoe heritage in the world, see and hear stories from the factory workers.

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