The right package for each client

Much of the work to be won in our sector is put out to tender and winning that work depends on getting the balance of our whole offering just right.

With public money so often at stake, a price that reflects excellent value for money is essential as, of course, is the demonstrable ability to fulfill the contract requirements.

Experience counts for a great deal too. Not just the body of work but how each project is dealt with right from the start. One thing that our clients report back to us as being particularly valuable is our structured development process. It allows us to manage time and cost (supporting the client requirements for clear pricing and meeting their deadlines). It also enables us to communicate project progress and manage any design changes, a regularly recurring theme in our industry.

In any project you need to manage time, cost and quality. Getting the development process right is what makes the right package work.

Welcoming Rob to the team

This month we were joined by a new addition to the team. Rob Presland has come on board as senior developer, boosting our programming capacity and bringing new skills and experience on board too. Expect to see more online and app projects in our portfolio.

With a strong project management background Rob will fit in nicely with our structured development ethos. He also brings with him extensive experience in e-learning and technology for education, for example, in developing online assessments and resources.

Rob Presland

Rob says, “I am interested in how the disciplines involved in e-learning can enhance the experience that users have of interactive exhibits. One of the key things about online learning is to keep people interested and engaged throughout the whole experience, enhancing the quality of their interaction. I’m looking forward to bringing this experience into a new field and, hopefully, opening up new possibilities and choices for Wide Sky Design’s clients.”

Charity update: The Smile Train and The Brain Tumour Charity

As regular readers of our newsletter will know, we make a donation for everyone who opens our newsletter each month. Our chosen charities are The Smile Train and The Brain Tumour Charity.

So far we have donated £71.65 to each charity and we’ll be continuing to make our contributions – every time you read our newsletter, “Into the blue”.

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Military Intelligence Museum – a sneak preview

We are excited to be starting work on an exhibit for the Military Intelligence Museum in Bedfordshire telling the story of the Intelligence Corps in WWI.

Military Intelligence Museum strategic plan

We have been working with them on a strategic plan to develop the museum and this will be the first of the exhibits that come to life, providing a combination of exhibit display and digital interpretation.

WW1 exhibit design

As well as housing a multi-touch screen, the space will allow curatorial staff to develop the interpretation depending on annual themes during the period from 2014 to 2022 and will be able to display anything from small objects such as a pencil fuse through to uniforms and regalia. 

The interactive software will provide a framework within which a database of archive records can be accessed. This database can be built up over time, providing flexibility to modify existing records as well as adding new content.