New Project Win: Great Knott Wood

The Woodland Trust is developing a Hidden Secrets Trail at Great Knott Wood near Lake Windermere. The site has a variety of ancient woodland features and is undergoing restoration. The project aims to:

  • Inspire an understanding of ancient woodland and why it is important.
  • Educate people about the restoration process.
  • Educate people about woodland species.
  • Help people discover the hidden natural heritage connected to the sites.

Great Nott Wood yew tree


The trail will begin at an old yew tree voiced by Brian Blessed which will welcome visitors by talking to them, greeting them and inviting them to explore the wood.

This interactive audio exhibit will be triggered by the visitor approaching and, because it is sited in an outdoor environment, we will be sourcing hardware that is robust and suitable for the outdoor environment.

New Project Win: Headstone Manor, Harrow

Headstone Manor is part of Headstone Manor & Museum. Built around 1310, it is the earliest surviving timber framed building in Middlesex. It is surrounded by the only surviving water-filled moat in the county and one of only two such moats in Greater London, dating from the 14th century. It was a residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury until 1546 when it was surrendered to Henry VIII and sold to one of his court favourites, remaining in private ownership for nearly four centuries.

Headstone Manor


With dramatic extensions and changes made over the years Headstone Manor has notable features that include the panelling of the great hall dating from 1631 and the brick façade added in the 1770s. An outstanding complex of associated buildings is recognised through its designation as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Funding has been secured to undertake crucial restoration and conservation work on the various buildings to, develop a new-build Welcome Building and to develop an exhibition with the aim of making Headstone Manor a must-see local attraction and sustainable community hub.

The exhibition will take visitors on a chronological journey through the Borough of Harrow’s history from pre-history through to today. It will use a combination of graphic panels, touchscreen, bespoke cases for the museum collection, audio of voices of people from the history of the Manor and trails of interesting room features. There will also be a film to be shown in the Small Barn.

Wide Sky Design will be part of a team including Imagemakers.

We are looking forward to being involved in the delivery of software for touchscreens, based on our content management system which will also support a tablet tour developed on a Bring Your Own Device basis. The CMS will be updatable via wifi and USB stick.

The touchscreens will include oral histories of the site, videos and slideshows, a timeline, map and a selection of games.

We will specify and supply hardware for the touchscreen, tablet tour and AV exhibits, that will integrate fully with purpose-designed enclosures and in key areas be IP rated to ensure exhibits are suitably robust to cope with high humidity levels and potential water ingress in some of the buildings.