New project win: Shakespeare’s Schoolroom and Guildhall, Stratford

Stratford-upon-Avon’s 15th Century Guildhall is currently undergoing major restoration and conservation work and will be opening as a heritage and visitor attraction in April 2016, to coincide with the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death. Home to a series of extremely rare medieval wall paintings, showing the seal of the Guild of the Holy Cross, the building is one of only a dozen surviving examples of a late medieval provincial Guildhall.

Stratford Guildhall schoolroom

The new heritage centre will provide the missing chapter of the story of William Shakespeare’s life in Stratford: his education and his inspiration to act and write.

Working with Imagemakers, we will be developing tablet and touchscreen interactives telling the history of the building and Stratford’s civic history as well as that of the young Shakespeare. Based on our content management system, the exhibits will be easily updated by the staff.

New project win: Wardown Park Museum

Luton’s Wardown Park Museum has been awarded £1.8million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve the building and transform the way its story is told.

wardown park museum

The work will open up new areas of the building – originally designed as a private residence – and will give visitors an insight into a wealthy family home during the Victorian period.

The project lends itself perfectly to a tablet tour, an approach that we are finding is increasingly popular with clients and we’re looking forward to working with Imagemakers to help bring the history of the museum building and its exhibits to life.

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The Master’s House, Ledbury

St Martin’s Church, Bilborough

New project win: Oakham Castle

Oakham Castle horseshoes

Rutland County Council have received £2.2 million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to carry out extensive restoration work to restore the Great Hall and Castle Walls of Oakham Castle and to improve access to the site. The castle is one of the finest examples of late 12th century domestic architecture in England.

The project will also develop facilities for visitors, increase educational use of the site, and promote the history and heritage of Oakham Castle and Rutland as a whole.

Oakham Castle is particularly well known for the collection of horseshoes in the Great Hall, donated by visiting Peers of the Realm as a traditional way to commemorate their visits. Displayed on the walls of the Great Hall, the horseshoes make an impressive display and we are looking forward to working as part of a team led by heritage consultants, PLB, on an interactive exhibit that will allow today’s visitors to take a closer look at these historic items.

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