Cadw, Caerphilly Castle Great Hall Fireplace Interpretation

We’ve recently installed an ‘interpretive fireplace’ in the Great Hall at Caerphilly Castle. The audiovisual recreates the focal point of the hall, spreading light, life, stories and some even say warmth into the hall! The exhibit uses our bespoke expansion mount system, meaning no permanent fixing is required into the fabric of the building – a monument that is widely regarded as the pinnacle of Medieval castle building.

Cadw, Caerphilly Castle Medieval Portcullis Recreation

We’ve recently installed an interactive Medieval portcullis in the Inner East Gatehouse at Caerphilly castle. At a massive 3.5m high it shakes the floor when it drops! It’s a great attraction for visitors both inside and outside as they pass through the archway underneath the gatehouse – it certainly makes for an exciting experience!

Fire Aware Phase One

We are delighted that phase one of the Fire Aware project has been delivered for the Moors for the Future Partnership.

Edale Visitor Centre Moorlands Installation

More details about this project can be found at


Multitouch and beyond…

Here’s a sneak preview of some new objects we’ve added to the map! There’s more content animation to come, but we hope you enjoy the show for now!

Dam Busters and more

Aircrew and Groundcrew 

We’re really excited about getting started on this new project for the fabulous Cottage Museum in Woodhall Spa.

We’ll be developing two new photo archive interactives that will bring their amazing collections to the visitors for the first time.

One interactive will be exploring the relationship between the village of Woodhall Spa (located at the heart of what is often referred to as ‘Bomber’ County) and World War II.

The second interactive will be making the John Wield photographic collection available. This began life over 100 years ago and documents Woodhall Spa in the early to mid 1900’s.

Work in progress…

Here’s some of our current work in progress. Look out for more objects coming to the map soon…

Caerphilly Castle – Raising the Portcullis

Caerphilly Castle Interactive PortcullisWorking with Cadw, Wide Sky Design has completed the first of a number of new exhibits at Caerphilly Castle. As visitors enter the Inner East Gatehouse history comes to life before their very eyes. The fabric of the castle rumbles and shakes as chains begin to lift the mighty weight of a portcullis. The portcullis appears through an opening in the floor and rises up the wall right in front of them. Horses gallop through the archway below, then suddenly the portcullis drops back through the floor and bangs into place to protect the castle once more.

Sneak preview…

Here’s a sneak preview of an interactive portcullis for Caerphilly Castle shot during on-site testing…

Fire Aware

Phil on Bleaklow Lorry on Bleaklow

We may be producing interactives for the new Fire Aware exhibits in the Peak District but the time spent out on the moors for the video recce was a little on the extreme side and fire risk was probably pretty low!

Thanks to Roger Knott-Fayle for the photos.

Sculpture past and present in Derby

This is work in progress but we are delighted to be working on this project at Varsity Court in Derby with local artist Rachel Carter.

Rachel Carter - Work in Progress

A series of four sculptures, commissioned by Persimmon Homes will explore the community, wildlife and history of the Mickleover area.

Varsity Court Panel

The digital interpretation will provide smart phone access so visitors can discover the fabulous stories behind the commission whilst they explore the sculptures.

QR codes, NFC links and Microsoft tags will deliver local history, community engagement and links to the wider Revolutionary Journeys project.

There are closer links to the past than anyone expected. Rachel’s research uncovered photographs of a previous, long forgotten, sculpture that had stood on the location planned for one of the new pieces. Find out more here Revolutionary Journeys.

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