Fire Aware – Phase 2

A suite of interactive exhibits is aimed at educating visitors about wildfire risk and the moorland environment in which that risk is found. The exhibits can be found at both Edale and Upper Derwent visitor centres in the Peak District.

Fire Aware interactive exhibit

Interactive Games

Two games are designed to promote understanding of the sources of fire risk and to educate players in how to recognise fire risks and play their part in reducing them.

Fire Ranger

fire ranger interactive game

A “snakes and ladders” style game for one or two players displays questions which can help a player move forward (or fall backwards) along their path. Land on a green square and a correct answer will move you forward; land on a red square and an incorrect one sees you step back. Each question provides the correct answer to help inform players of the particular issues they have hopefully given their correct answer to.

Fire Danger

fire danger interactive game

This game helps players understand the differing degrees of risk. Situations are presented which the player moves to a choice of “boards” to indicate whether they consider that risk to be high, medium or low. Explanations about the risk appear when the correct risk level is selected.

Both games can be found at each visitor centre. They have also been put onto CD Rom for use in schools and are available to play online.

Interactive Maps

Fire on the Moors

fire map interactive 1

fire map interactive 2

This interactive map plots past fire incidents and areas of conservation work across the moors. We commissioned specially scripted videos as part of this exhibit with fire and conservation specialists talking about aspects of their work.

Again, this can be seen in the visitor centres and is available online with videos streamed from YouTube.

Real Time Fire Risk Map

fire risk interactive map

In the first phase of the Fire Aware project we installed weather stations at the two visitor centres to collect temperature and rainfall data. Experts from the University of Manchester provided a mathematical model to calculate fire risk and we developed software that calculates the risk in real time. This software powers the fourth of our exhibits so that visitors can see, not only historical patterns of fire risk, but what that risk looks like right at that moment.

A separate version of the Fire Risk Map has been prepared for the Peak District Fire Operations Group (FOG). Made up of individuals from organisations that are involved in responding to any moorland wildfire – including the Fire Brigade, landowners, the National Trust and the national Park Authority – this group helps to educate the public through school visits, exhibition trailers and broader PR. The CD Rom version of the map provides a flexible tool that they can use anywhere to illustrate their important educational messages.

Be Fire Aware interactive game

The Fire Aware project had its soft launch in July 2014 when local school children had the chance to play a “real world” version of the Fire Danger game as well as enjoy the interactive exhibits.

Be Fire Aware Launch interactive games and maps

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